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Copyright Overview

What is a copyright?

A copyright secures intangible property rights for individuals and businesses and aids in the protection of artistic and creative efforts. (What rights do they have- right to sell, license, reproduce). Copyright law protects a work if it is original and expressed in a tangible medium. Most often, the tangible medium is a piece of paper or computer word processing program but also includes other forms of expression such as choreography and sound recordings. Traditionally, the expression of ideas, rather than the ideas themselves, are protected (*see side note below). The copyrighted work need not be novel or useful, only original.


The following list includes examples of tangible works that are commonly granted copyright protection:


What rights are granted to a copyright owner?

If the work qualifies for copyright protection, the owner will be offered the following exclusive ownership rights:

What are the benefits of registering a copyright?

The answer is simple. Registration affords extra protection including :



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